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Froude Incell data acquisition

Introducing InCell

Our Latest Control & Data Acquisition System

For AC, Hydraulic and Eddy Current Dynamometers

We Met the Challenge

We listened when test cell engineers and operators told us they needed a cost-effective, powerful control system that is user-intuitive, configurable and rugged enough to be used right in the test cell. By designing a system that is portable, modular and upgradeable, we've accomplished immense capability within a compact design and achieved the ultimate in flexibility.

Small Footprint | BIG Impact

Froude, well-known for dynamometers and control systems is proud to announce our latest in our range of control and data acquisition systems, the InCell. The InCell offers a combination of high accuracy, ease of use and enviable flexibility which is unrivaled in the market today.
cost effective100%
user intuitive100%

Modular, Portable and Upgradeable

Introducing the InCell, a cost-effective, powerful control and data acquisition system that is user intuitive and rugged enough to be used right in your test cell. With the base control unit, roughly the size of a textbook, the InCell Qube can be mounted virtually anywhere inside the test cell, even right on the dynamometer. If a rackmount unit better serves your test needs, we offer one as well. 

With the Qube or Rackmount unit, you will experience expandable I/O, embedded real-time control and out-of-the-box functionality. You'll be testing immediately without the need for extensive configuring. As your needs change you may require more features—that's as easy as opening additional capability via the software.
Froude Incell Data Acquisition
InCell Qube

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InCell Base Control Unit
  • Available in Qube or Rackmount
  • Throttle and dynamometer control and instrumentation
  • Qube: Robust aluminum enclosure can mount inside your test cell or Rackmount to replace current control system.
  • CANopen and EtherCat compatibility
  • Compatible with IP rating 65
  • 72 input/outputs
  • Universal AC supply voltage range from 100-260V/24VPC output
  • Host interface
  • Signal processing such as engine cooling temp, oil pressure, water pressure, water temp
  • 3rd part compatible for I/O expansion
Desk Top Control (DTC) Panel [optional]
  • Mode selection/engine controls
  • Encoders for simple demand setting
  • LCD touch screen color display for key information 
  • E-Stop/reset built in
PC-based Automation Software
  • Windows 10 compatible
  • Customizable GUI
  • Expandable hardware/automatic hardware detection
  • Channel mapping capability/data logging
  • Web service architecture
Froude Incell Controller on Dyno
Rackmount Base Control Unit

Rackmount Base Control Unit

Qube Base Control Unit

Qube Base Control Unit

Desk Top Control (DTC) Panel - Optional

Desk Top Control (DTC) Panel - Optional

For Manual Control of Dyno & Throttle Demands
Froude Dynamometers
Froude dynamometers are renowned the world over as high quality, reliable and accurate. Our test equipment will provide a return on your investment for many years.
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