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See the table below to find the Texcel unit for your application.

Dynamometer Model V4 V12 PRO VX100 PRO
F and FO Series Hydraulic Dynamometers
AG Series Eddy Current Dynamometers
AC Series Dynamometers
LS Series Hydraulic Dynamometers
HS Series Hydraulic Dynamometers


Texcel V4 Features

  • (Will Not Operate Locking Solenoids)
  • Overspeed and Torque Protection
  • User Configurable Alarm
  • Dyno Pressure Sensor Digital Inputs
  • Host Interface
  • Engine Control
  • Auto Inlet Valve Control
  • Control System Voltage
  • Throttle Actuator Option

Texcel VX100 Pro Features

  • Overspeed and Torque Protection
  • Dyno Pressure Sensor Digital Inputs
  • Operation of Valve Locking Solenoid
  • Post Mortem Logging
  • Thermocouples (only for dyno and flywheel)
  • Configurable Alarm File
  • Operator Configurable Display
  • Data Logger
  • Host Interface
  • Selectable PID For Engine Types
  • Auto Inlet Valve Control
  • Windows Operation System
  • CAN Communication
  • Control System Voltage 230/110

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