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Performance Dynamometer Systems

A range of hydraulic performance dynamometers has been specifically developed for the high powered high-speed racing engines which serve the motorsport industry including F1, NASCAR, IRL, ICAR and KART. This range of dynamometers can operate at speeds in excess of 20,000 RPM and powers up to 1,200 HP (900 kW). In addition to hydraulic dynamometers, we can also provide eddy current dynamometers for the lower powered high-performance engines.

The Texcel V12 PRO control and data acquisition system can operate with both types of performance dynamometers and includes features specifically developed for the application. 

F Type hydraulic dynamometers are designed for high accuracy of control, torque measurement and rapid load changes (response). Our range includes low speed, high torque variants for turboprop testing and higher speed, lower torque variants for turboshaft testing in uni- and bi-directional configurations. 
The Air Gap (AG) range of Froude Eddy Current Dynamometers has been designed to be compact, robust and to allow easy maintenance. The narrow yet durable design, small footprint, and the exclusive material and construction technique ensures many years of service. These units are bi-directional, fitted with 40,000-hour bearings and extremely accurate (0.25% Full Scale Torque). 
For automated control of the test process, data acquisition, and post test analysis, the TEXCEL V12 PRO provides the ideal solution combining a powerful software system with an easy to use, intuitive Graphical User Interface. The V12 PRO is a fully integrated, totally networked Dynamometer/Engine Control and Data Acquisition System that can be configured for use in a wide variety of applications such as research and development, quality assurance and post-overhaul testing. 

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