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Transforming an Obsolete Single-Engine Test Bed into a Multi-Engine Powerhouse

Instead of tearing out the existing stand, we recommended modifications to it on-site to accommodate the extra length of the dynamometer system driveline.


ENAER, the National Aeronautical Company of Chile. ENAER provides maintenance and modernization services of military and civil aircraft, including their engines and components. 


Searching for available options to upgrade their old and obsolete turbo shaft dynamometer test bed, ENAER contacted Froude through our local agent, Mr. Gonzalo Pinto-Agüero at Aeroservicio S.A., for assistance and recommendations.  

ENAER’s aerospace test cell contained an obsolete Froude F0279 dynamometer on fabricated steel, elevated test stand that was only able to accommodate one engine type, Honeywell T53-L-13B. The customer contacted Froude to solicit available option recommendations that would allow them to expand their capabilities to test additional engine variants utilizing their existing test stand.

Options, including the elimination of the existing dynamometer and stand and utilizing two new dynamometers to accommodate multiple engine types, would require extensive facility rework as the existing elevated test stand would be eliminated in favor of two new additional test beds. 


The existing Froude dynamometer, even if overhauled to like-new condition, would not be able to test additional engine variants. As the structural tolerances of the steel test stand were unknown to Froude, a collaboration took place with ENAER engineers to determine the feasibility of a multi-engine system mounted on the existing stand. Froude’s solution was to supply a new F359GT hydraulic dynamometer with an engineered flywheel system on a custom base plate which would mount on ENAER’s existing elevated stand. 

“To accommodate a new F359GT dynamometer, instead of tearing out the existing stand, we recommended modifications to it on-site to accommodate the extra length of the dynamometer system driveline.” said technical director, Mike Golda. “We designed a custom flywheel into the driveline according to the inertia requirement for the RR M250-C20 engine”. The addition of Froude’s Texcel VX100 controller, which was specifically designed for gas turbine engines, rounded out the test system, offering precise control for accurate testing. 


With Froude’s VX100 controller and the new F359GT dynamometer and flywheel test system installed on ENAER’s existing base, their test capabilities have greatly expanded. Without major test cell tear up and with Froude’s recommendations for test stand reinforcements they are now efficiently testing various engines, including the Rolls Royce M250 series, the Pratt Whitney PT6T, as well as Honeywell’s T53. 
ENAER expressed that the upgrades performed by the Engine Division team along with Froude technicians at site resulted in a successful upgrade for our new application of testing multiple engines on a single test bed.  
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