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The Last Controller You Will Ever Need.

Texcel VX200 Dynamometer Control & Monitoring System

The last controller you will ever need for your gas turbine test bed.

For over a decade, Froude's Texcel VX100 series has been a critical component of the gas turbine engine test bed. The time-tested combination of our controller, water valve, and water brake dynamometer provides a performance level that is unmatched in the industry. We are pleased to announce that the best has become better.

Introducing the Texcel VX200, our latest hydraulic dynamometer control and monitoring system. Built upon the success of the VX100 and Froude’s proprietary algorithms, the VX200 hosts a powerful industrial PC and an ergonomic desktop controller with advanced features. As your test requirements change and technology evolves, this new control system is engineered to provide the technology upgrades and flexibility required of gas turbine test cells. Software upgrades and component changes can be performed quickly to ensure maximum test cell uptime.

We invite you to learn more about how Froude can help future-proof your test cell. The VX200 installs quickly as a NEW system or as an upgrade to an existing VX100 system.

Ask about controlling non-Froude hydraulic dynos with the VX200.

vx200 controller


Designed for Hydraulic Dynamometers

High Performance Engine and Gas Turbine Test Applications

Optional Features for Power Generation Applications

Features for Specific Turboshaft and Turboprop Applications

The Following Flight Simulation Options are Available:
  • RR Allison T56 and AE2100 flight mode
  • RR Type and Dart PCU propeller simulation
  • GE T700 integrated load

Have a VX100? Upgrading is Easy.Fast.Seamless.

The Flexible, Futureproof Controller

Specifically designed for testing gas turbine engines, the VX200 includes control and signal conditioning circuits for the dynamometer and associated flywheel and hydraulic power packs. Expansion to provide control of tandem dynamometers, or for use in test cells that incorporate different types of hydraulic dynos is integrated. 

The Froude VXI graphical interface provides clean visualization of dynamometer data on user-customizable pages and responsive control is offered through an ergonomic desktop controller or customer host interface.
vx200 desktop controller


System Architecture

The VX200 is comprised of a user interface situated in the control room and a dynamometer controller typically mounted on the hydraulic dynamometer in the test cell:


Industrial PC with Windows, HD Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse


Portable, desk-mountable user control interface


Typically mounted on the dynamometer
  • Desktop controller
  • User-configurable screen layouts
  • High-speed digital control incorporating multi-variable PIDs
  • 4 modes of load control: speed, torque, position and power law
  • Bumpless mode change control
  • Manual and automatic inlet valve control
  • 4 level alarm monitoring and logging on all AI channels
  • Locking solenoid control of inlet/outlet valves
  • Multiple engine configuration files
  • Integrated rolling store/post-mortem log
  • Host interface for remote control and logging using modbus TCP, analogue, RS232 and ethernet
  • Backwards compatible with VX100 installations, excluding custom software
  • USB ports for backup and user equipment
  • Control multiple dynamometers
  • Flight simulation options:
    • RR Allison T56 and AE2100 flight mode
    • RR Type and Dart PCU propeller simulation
    • GE T700 integrated load
    • user-configurable editor

Why Upgrade to the Texcel VX200?

Quick System Install to Minimize Test Cell Disruption
Seamless, Efficient Transition from VX100 to VX200
Futureproof Platform, Quick to Update and Easy to Expand
NEW Industrial PC, 24” HD Monitor, Revised Keyboard/Mouse, Compact Desktop Controller
Familiar VX100 User Interface Displayed on a 24” HD Monitor for an Enhanced Visual Display
New INSPECT Mode: High-Res Snapshot with Zoom/Pan Features to Aid in Tuning Dyno Response
Contact us to hear more about why the VX200 could be your last controller.
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