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Used Dynamometers For Sale

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Why Buy a Used Dyno?

We often will take a used dynamometer absorption unit in trade as part of a new system order. Sometimes we will acquire a used dyno from salvage, at a close-out auction, or even by donation. If possible, these absorption units are refurbished and offered for resale, individually, or with a new data acquisition and control system.

Many times a refurbished dyno is comparable to new, but at a much lower cost, and quicker delivery time. Also, Froude refurbished equipment carries a one-year warranty. 

Please review the available dynamometers and related equipment below and contact us for additional details. 

Short Video: Froude, More Than Just Water Brakes


Click on image for closer look of HS890

Used Tandem HS890 Hydraulic Dynamometer

Learn more about the HS890 Tandem, review the duty curve and see additional photos of this system:

Torque Nm (lb.ft) 100,000 (73,800)
Max Power 56,000 kW (75,100 BHP)
Texcel VX100 PRO and other components available for a complete system

Used HS150 Flywheel

Torque Nm (lb.ft) 1,185 (875)
Power 1,860 kW (2,490 BHP)
Speed 25,000 RPM


Click on image for closer look of FO479
Click on image for closer look of FO479

Refurbished FO479 Hydraulic Dynamometer

Available for Rent or Purchase

Oil mist lubrication
Complete with power pack
Max Power 3281 kW at 2288/7000 rev/min
Refurbished in 2016
NOTE: The following FO Series dynamometers will be updated with the latest components to meet current control systems and carry a one-year warranty. Refurbishment includes spin testing and a partial load test prior to shipment.

Used Hydraulic Dynamometer - FO151

Torque Nm (lb.ft) 460 (340)
Power 260 kW (350 BHP)
Speed 14,000 RPM

Used Hydraulic Dynamometer - FO201

Torque Nm (lb.ft) 1,250 (920)
Power 600 kW (800 BHP)
Speed 10,000 RPM

Used Hydraulic Dynamometer - FO471

Torque Nm (lb.ft) 18,400 (13,600)
Power 3,250 kW (4,400 BHP)
Speed 4,500 RPM

Used Hydraulic Dynamometer - FO631

Torque Nm (lb.ft) 50,070 (36,952)
Power 4,500kW (6,000 BHP)
Speed 3,600 RPM


Power 1,640 kW (2,200 BHP)
Torque Nm (lb.ft) 7,120 (5250)
Speed 6,000 RPM
F24 Stock Image For Reference Only
F35 Stock Image For Reference Only


Available for Purchase

Riser brings the centerline height on the dynamometer to 33.47"
Base Height: 15.75 "
Click on images for closer look


With Torque Flange
Power 120 kW
Torque 237 Nm
Speed 10,000 RPM
AC Dyno Photo Available Soon

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Froude dynamometers are renowned the world over as high quality, reliable and accurate. Our test equipment will provide a return on your investment for many years.
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