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Our world-renown reputation for quality dynamometers is what sets Froude apart. Whether you are testing small engines, large engines or turbines, we have the test solution for you. We proudly carry 145 years of strong brand recognition for excellence in engine dynamometer technology and have an installed base throughout the world.

Our corporate mission is to continue to provide innovative Froude engine-testing products, including design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and aftermarket support on a global platform.

including eddy current, hydraulic (water brakes), low speed, high speed, and AC, used in a wide range of engine testing applications in the automotive engine, heavy duty and industrial diesel engines, marine, and gas turbine markets.
Froude AC Dynamometer
Froude Eddy Current Dyno
F Series Hydraulic Dynamometer
High Speed hydraulic dyno
Low Speed hydraulic dynamometer
Go Power Portable Dyno

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AC Dynamometers

The Froude AC dynamometer has been specifically designed for the testing of gasoline and diesel engines in R & D and Quality Audit applications. The low inertia AC motor with standard speed ranges from 3,500 to 10,000 rpm 

High-Speed Hydraulic Dynamometers

The Froude HS range of Aerospace and Gas Turbine Engine Test Equipment has been developed over the years to meet the needs of testing new engines in R&D facilities. These state-of-the-art products are utilized in subsequent production facilities and the engine overhaul sector.

Eddy Current Dynamometers

The AG range of Eddy Current Dynamometers has been designed to be compact, robust and to allow easy maintenance. The narrow yet durable design, small footprint, and the construction technique ensures many years of service.

Low-Speed Hydraulic Dynamometers

We are the world leaders in the design and production of large dynamometers for testing piston, turbine and electric prime movers for the marine industry. We have a unique design which allows for simplified maintenance and vastly reduced installation time.

Standard Hydraulic Dynamometers

The Froude F-series range of hydraulic dynamometers (also referred to as water brakes) have been designed to be compact, robust and to allow easy maintenance. Some of these models are available with a streamlined, fabricated base.

Portable Hydraulic Dynamometers

Go Power Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of engine test equipment for the diesel and automotive industries and produces a wide range of dynamometers at cost-effective prices, giving proven customer satisfaction.

Froude AC Dynamometer
Froude Eddy Current Dyno
F Series Hydraulic Dynamometer
High Speed hydraulic dyno
Low Speed hydraulic dynamometer
Go Power Portable Dyno

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Froude dynamometers are renowned the world over as high quality, reliable and accurate. Our test equipment will provide a return on your investment for many years.
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